Where to find Support for Pregnant Teens

Every pregnant teen needs a support system. No one can handle the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth and caring for an infant alone. No matter how embarrassing or humiliating, the first step is to ask for help. The initial place to look for help is from the parents of both the pregnant teen and the father. There are many decisions to be made and a group meeting where all opinions are heard is best. Major decisions involve questions of the possibility of marriage, keeping the baby, adoption, ending the pregnancy, financial responsibility, medical care, child care, the pregnant teen returning to school, and where she will live. Ideally, after reactions of  initial disappointment and possibly anger and blame, the outcome will be one of mutual support for the teens and shared financial and child care responsibilities.

However, families are not ideal and disagreement is common. If the pregnant teen is opposed to the wishes of family members, she should not be pressured into a decision, but seek out more information until she is comfortable living with her choices. The choices are ultimately hers. Some families choose to withhold all support including allowing the teen to live at home. In this case, the pregnant teen should contact a trusted adult. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, or the parents of a friend are often willing to step in with temporary help and support. It is important that the teen girl have a trusted responsible adult in her life to guide her and to freely share her feelings with.

School guidance counselors are a source of support and can provide counseling at school in addition to supplying information on community or government programs to assist pregnant teens. Some schools have on-site child care centers as well as pregnancy and childcare classes for both the pregnant girl and the father. It may be necessary to change schools in order to find such a program.

Local churches can provide assistance in locating appropriate programs that provide financial, medical, educational or housing aid. Assisted by church volunteers, some churches sponsor programs for pregnant teens within their church at no cost. Counseling for dealing with the overwhelming emotional stress of teen pregnancy is also available at most churches.

Sometimes just asking a friend to listen is very important or learning from what other girls have experienced can be crucial. Many teens feel like their options are very limited with their pregnancy and opt for abortion. But there are many options for adoption or mothering and with the right information pregnant teens can educate themselves fully before making a quick decision.

The Department of Human Services in your area can help you access government assistance programs. The Medicaid program offers free or low cost medical care to those who qualify. Since the average cost of prenatal care is $2,000 and the average cost of an uncomplicated hospital birth is anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000, an uninsured pregnant teen is in dire need of financial assistance. Additionally, even if shopping carefully at thrift stores and yard sales, or borrowing from friends, the cost of basic newborn necessities is around $500. Be aware, that all states require fathers to pay some degree of financial child support. In some instances this may require legal intervention to collect.

Another government program designed to assist mothers and babies in need is the WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program. The WIC program is a supplemental nutritional program that offers monthly free food and nutritional information to pregnant mothers and mothers of children up to age 5. They also offer health checks and medical referrals.

If a pregnant teen is in need of housing, there are non-profit or government sponsored group homes that provide housing, counseling, help finding medical care, baby necessities for a newborn, and pregnancy and childcare classes. They also assist young mothers in continuing their educations, finding jobs and securing housing. A recommendation from a church or school counselor will assist you in locating a reputable home.

A teenage pregnant girl needs a good support system to help her navigate the difficult road before her. Ask for help sooner rather than later. Seek out the people and programs that offer the assistance needed during a stressful and often lonely time and minimize the health and lifestyle risks of both mother and child.

A Teen Pregnancy Can be a Crisis

http://www.dosomething.org/files/styles/blog_landscape/public/pictures/117866206.jpg?itok=Nu-qlTTXA pregnancy internet site is an excellent resource for ladies of all backgrounds and ages, particularly in the case of juvenile pregnancy. A pregnancy internet website will let a lady recognize the first month symptom of pregnancy and very early sign of pregnancy she may be experiencing thus that she will ahead of time get correct medical attention and advice.For a pregnant teen the knowledge on a pregnancy net website from initial month symptom of pregnancy to very early sign of pregnancy can be invaluable in what most likely is an emotional and tough time. Teen pregnancy statistics tell us that babies born in the United States to teenage mothers have a higher likelihood for college failure, poverty and physical or mental illness.While that is not good news for an expecting mother to hear, it will maybe help influence the long run choices that young mother could must make. Teen pregnancy will be a crisis for a young mom and it’s very necessary that if a teenager finds out she is pregnant she immediately ask for out assistance, through a visit with a medical doctor or counselor who can answer her queries and give correct medical attention.

A pregnancy net web site is also a confidential method for a teenager to seem up a 1st month symptom of pregnancy and a very early sign of pregnancy that she may be experiencing and have a likelihood to consider her current situation if she is indeed pregnant. There also are nice message boards accessible on a pregnancy web web site some of which could embody; new moms, expectant moms, raising babies and single mothers.

Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy

http://pregnancysymptomsite.com/wp-content/uploads/thumbnail.jpgOccasional abdominal discomfort is a common issue during pregnancy. When you are pregnant, you might sometimes encounter abdominal pain. Some women even think that abdominal pain is a pregnancy sign. Though it is not absolutely correct, yet abdominal pain might occur as a symptom of pregnancy. While generally, an abdominal pain during pregnancy is harmless, sometimes it can lead to serious problems also. Mild abdominal pain need not be worried about, but a persistent or severe pain should not be ignored.Here we will describe the causes and treatments for abdominal pain at various stages of pregnancy. However, don’t try to diagnose yourself. If you suffer abdominal pain along with fever, chills, spotting, bleeding, or nausea, you must immediately call your women’s health and pregnancy practitioner.Women who are trying to conceive always look out for the first possible signs to show they are pregnant. The very early signs of pregnancy are easily noticed, but these signs are also related to the symptoms of pending menstrual cycle.

Sometimes these two weeks seem a very long time to wait to confirm if one is pregnant or not. Many women try to find out of their status within these two weeks itself. Each woman has a different body and thus will experience different signs of pregnancy. These symptoms could start from the date of conception right till the end or one might not face them at all.Each pregnancy is different and so brings different symptoms as well. Women who have given birth to 2 or more children experience different symptoms in each of their pregnancies.It is important that you have the exam to confirm your pregnancy as normal; and not an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy happens when egg is implanted outside of the uterus. This exam is very important after you detect the signs of pregnancy. When you have pregnancy symptoms, you must consult the doctor to confirm your pregnancy and whether the pregnancy is normal or not.

In case everything is normal, the abdominal pain can be caused because of stretching of ligaments when the uterus grows. The uterus needs to bend and turn to accommodate the enlarging fetus, and in the process it can put tension on the ligaments, thus causing the pain. Such general pain need not be worried about. However, lower abdominal pain is not to be trusted.However, if you have severe abdominal pain or cramps, it could be a serious problem. Immediately consult with your practitioner if you have severe and/or continues pain. Also, you must seek practitioner help in case of bleeding, cramps, fever or chills. Any kind of pain during ectopic pregnancy must be consulted to the doctor.